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BLUE WATER Dewax-it - Surfboard Wax remover

Product Details:

Blue Water Dewax-it- Eco-friendly surfboard wax remover

Surfers have always been passionate about protecting their environment " Bluewater" surf wax remover assists in the cause by offering the world’s cleanest wax remover, with a formula which includes natural ingredients, designed to limit negative environmental impact.

The special formula in Bluewater will safely remove:

Surf Wax, Tar, Sticker adhesive, Grime, Sunscreen oils.

Bluewater is easy to use and takes the hard work out of surfboard prep, whether for applying new wax, decals or pads or just keeping your surfboard in pristine condition.


  • Safety cap providing a leak proof seal
  • Handy 250ml bottle size for easy storage
  • Non Flammable & Non Toxic
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