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Snowboard Goggles

With Boardology's large range of Snowboard Goggles, choosing the right type of snowboard goggle for you is simples!
The snowboard goggles protect your eyes from the wind, snow and ice as well as provide improved vision in a range of light conditions. There are three main considerations when choosing your goggles:

  • how well the anti-fog system works - all our snowboard goggles use a dual lens configuration, providing a thermal boundary between the cold outside temperatures and hot body temperatures from withiin. This thermal boundary acts as a transition for the contrasting temperatures, which is the main cause for fog itself. Fog is an accumulation of condensation in the form of tiny water droplets.
  • lens choice for various light conditions - For bright sunny days choose a snowboard goggles with a dark and mirrored lens giving protection from those powerful rays and cut out the glare from the snow reducing eye strain. For overcast days choose snowboard goggles with a light amplifier lens which will boost the available light and improved definition in the snow, and for flat light conditions choose snowboard goggles with a yellow or rose colour lens which filters blue light, increasing depth perception, shadow definition and contrast.
  • and fit - all our goggles are designed to fit with most popular helmet brands, but other considerations are the size of your face, if you need to wear glasses underneath mall our goggles have a size guide, and the amount of peripheral vision a particular goggle provide, our product information provides a size guide.

After that its all about the cool!

With Goggles from Dragon, Electric and Roxy, and free mainland UK delivery on all orders over £50, you are bound to find something to suit, if you are still not sure which goggles are right for you after checking out our Snowboard Goggles buyers guide and product information, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

The first snowboard goggles?Early snowboard goggle design left a lot to be desired, the clothing however was awesome!

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