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If you have started looking at snowboard boots or bindings you will have probably come across the term Mondopint, Alpine, telemark and snowboard boots are fitted through the Mondopoint system


When you look at the side of a boot or bindings box you'll see three or four different size measurements that basically aim to show the same virtual size, however none of the relevant standards bodies can quite agree on exactly what this means. Our current UK system dates back to the 1300s and was based around the number of barleycorns in an inch!

Alpine, telemark and snowboard boots are sized using the Mondopoint system, where the size represents the length of the foot in centimetres. So if you grab a box printed with 29.0, you'd better have feet that measure around 29cm. Though this idea -- introduced sometime in the 1960s in Austrailia to combat the aforementioned confusion -- seems to be sensible, it has never been widely accepted outside the snowsports world for some reason. Luckily there exisits a carefully guarded formula, handed down by generations of ski shop employees, to convert a Monopoint size into the corresponding and more familiar US size: Simply add the first and second digit together, and then add the decimal point (finally add 1 to that result to convert a US Men's size to a Women's). However when you get to size 30 though, it all falls apart unless you alter your formula by adding 9 to the result. To save you doing all this click here for a conversion table.


Whereas Snowboard boot sizing is very precise to you and your feet, the type of sock you prefer to wear and so on, we at Boardology strongly recommend you go to a shop and try them on (see our BOOTS section in the buyers guide), however when it comes to bindings there is a certain degree of flexibility and snowboard bindings sizes are typically Small, Medium and Large categories, or variations thereof, spanning a small range of boot sizes. The tables below provide a guide for buyers for each brand we stock.

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Men's Bindings

 Small/MediumMedium/LargeLarge/X Large
Mondo21 - 2424 - 2827.5 - 32
UK2 - 55 - 98.5 - 13
U.S. & Can3 - 66 - 109.5 - 14
Euro34.5 - 3838 - 4342.5 - 48

Women's Bindings

Mondo21 - 2424 - 27
UK2 - 55 - 8
U.S. & Can3.5 - 6.56.5 - 9.5
Euro34.5 - 3838 - 42

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