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Lib Tech Magna Traction Leaflet


Lib Tech have moved away from the long, smoothly curving sidewall and edge of a traditional snowboard, Magne-Traction technology employs a "serrated" edge, effectively seven bumps in the sidewall. According to Lib Tech's co-founder and VP of Marketing, Pete Saari:
"Magne-traction is 7 bumps or teeth along the length of your sidecut and edge each specifically sized and located to improve edge hold and focus control and power where you need it. The 3 largest most aggressive teeth are located between your feet adding control to the un-pressurable "dead zone" at and between your feet where your balance is centered. Smaller less aggressive teeth are located between your front foot and the contact area adding edge hold for turn initiation and control but keeping the tips and tails loose for catch-free freestyle."
Magne-Traction has been generally well received by both reviewers and the general snowboard community, winning more than 15 Transworld Good Wood Awards and over 20 Future magazine awards.

Lib Tech Banana Technology Fact Sheet

Banana Technology

Banana Technology (BTX), like Magne-Tractiont, begins with the premise that a snowboard is not a ski, which if you think about it makes a lot of sense, the only real common thread between the two sports is a mountain with snow on!. The introduction of Banana Technology marked yet another departure from orthodox snowboard design. A we have covered elsewhere traditionally, snowboards are built with camber -- a gentle arch formed in between contact points when placed on a flat surface. Camber geometry was first introduced for skis - each ski only has one central area of pressure under the skier's boot. Snowboards have two areas of pressure input, one under each foot leaving the rider unable to efficiently depress the center of the snowboard a "dead zone."
Banana Technology does away with this "dead zone" by reversing the snowboard's camber between the rider's feet; rather than arcing upward, like traditionally cambered boards, Banana Technology arcs downwards, as the rider's weight presses out, the rocker, tips and tails make full contact with the snow for control and stability but edge pressure is reduced in tip and tail allowing them to float, climb and deflect like never before.
With Magne-Traction incorporated into Banana Technology improving edgehold and putting even more control underfoot at your balance point, delivers a snowboard that is:

  • loose and catch-free,
  • presses boxes, rails and jibs with ease,
  • maintains pop with a stiffened tip and tail,
  • turns easily on hardpack and ice when the built-in rocker is put on edge
  • with the built-in rocker curve makes the board float naturally in powder
  • and the firm nose and tail prevent the board from folding in chunky conditions.

Information on Lib-Tech C2 Banana Rocker technology


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