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OVERTURE Booty Blaster Charcoal Bags
OVERTURE Booty Blaster Charcoal Bags

Product Details:

Booty Blasters by Overture - Bamboo Charcoal Bags

Blast away odour causing toxins in boots, suits and more with new Booty Blasters by Overture. These versatile twins are connected at the hip and packed with 150 grams of activated bamboo charcoal. Designed to remove toxins, absorb odours and prevent bacterial growth, Booty Blasters are a must for anyone looking to maintain the quality of their equipment.

Use them in wetsuits, ski boots, gloves, travel gear and more. Simply place inside your equipment after each use, sit back and relax knowing your gear is in the clear. Active season coming to an end? Booty Blasters are ideal for long term storage, reducing humidity and preventing bacterial growth. After a long season, Booty Blasters can be rejuvenated through exposure to direct sunlight. So go ahead and get blasted.

Overture Booty Blasters are an innovative and uniquely natural way to help maintain the life and health of your wetsuit and wetsuit accessories. They effectively absorb odour creating toxins from the surrounding area whilst also balancing excess humidity and preventing bacterial growth. The Overture Booty Blasters have a surface to mass ratio of 1200 sq metres per gram of activated charcoal which naturally attracts and absorbs a large range of chemicals and toxins. The charcoal Booty Blaster bags have a life of approx 1 year and after that period the bag contents can be cut open and spread on soil improving its acidity.

Made with bamboo charcoal which is activated by infusing with water, then brought to a specific temperature where oxygen is cut off and the water is evaporated, leaving even more surface area and properties for absorption.


  • SEASONAL STORAGE: Hang charcoal Booty Blaster inside body of wetsuit / accessories.
  • ACTIVE SEASON: Place inside board bag / backpack or car for a sanitary travel experience.
  • Place in direct sunlight every 3-6 months to rejuvenate charcoal.
  • Release charcoal into garden after 1 year.
  • Bag is made from secondary/by-product plastics, and the packaging is made of recycled card and printed with Soy inks.
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